Request a Ride

3/26 through 4/1 – FULL (email for availability)
4/2 through 4/8 – 9 rides available
4/9 through 4/15 – 27 rides available (closed on Monday 4/10)
4/16 through 4/22 – 28 rides available
4/23 through 4/29 – 32 rides available
4/30 through 5/6 – 109 rides available

Rider Policies

Eligibility Requirements

  • Rides for medical appointments, including physical therapy, psychiatric support and mental health counseling, vision and dental care, as well as regular physician visits and a variety of other health care appointments are open to the general public. We do not provide rides to or from any procedure requiring general anesthesia unless accompanied by another individual who can assist the rider. Contact Project CAR directly to schedule a ride.
  • Rides for learning skills and employment for those with developmental disabilities occur through our partnership with LifeScape and Dakotabilities. Please reach out to a case manager or social worker at LifeScape or Dakotabilities to learn more about scheduling a ride with Project CAR.
  • Rides for religious activities occur through one of our member churches (Asbury United Methodist Church, Faith Lutheran Church, First Congregational Church, First Lutheran Church, First United Methodist Church, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Peace Lutheran Church, St. John American Lutheran Church, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, The Little Stone Church). If you are a member of one of those churches, contact Project CAR to schedule a ride.
  • We do not provide rides to stores, general employment, or for personal errands. Rides are only to and from the scheduled appointment or activity.
  • Project CAR operates only within Sioux Falls.
  • Riders must be capable of getting in and out of the vehicle without assistance. The ride service is curb-to-curb. Drivers can assist with walkers, handbags, and seatbelts. There is no wheelchair accessibility; however, we can refer you to an agency that can assist with wheelchair transit as needed. Call our office for more information.
  • Project CAR reserves the right to refuse services to any person for any reason at any time.

Service Hours

  • Service is provided Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm, and from 8:00am to 12:00pm on Sunday. No service is provided on Saturdays, Sunday afternoons, evenings, or on federal holidays and /or their observed alternative.
  • A staff person is usually in the office from 8:00am through 4:00pm, though remember that we are a volunteer organization and there are times when the office is not staffed. If you call and no one answers, please leave a message and someone will return as we are able.

Scheduling and Canceling Rides

  • You must schedule your ride at least one week prior to the appointment. There is no guarantee that ride space will be available. Rides are first-scheduled, first-served until the schedule is full.
  • All riders are responsible for canceling their own rides. Do not send messages with the drivers. Rides should be canceled prior to the day of the appointment (or by 7:30am for a morning appointment or noon for an afternoon appointment). Three instances of cancelling at the door or not showing for a ride within a month period may result in a loss of ride privileges.
  • If the Sioux Falls Public Schools are closed for weather, or if Sioux Area Metro is reduced to snow routes only, Project CAR will not operate. Riders will be notified of any change in our operations because of weather as soon as possible.

Your Ride

  • Project CAR makes every effort to arrive as close to the scheduled pickup time as possible, but delays from other riders, traffic, weather, and construction may delay the driver’s arrival. An ample window has been scheduled for your ride, so please be patient. We are very seldom late in getting someone to their appointment or activity. Please be ready 10 minutes before your scheduled pickup.
  • Drivers will pick up riders at the curb or in a driveway. Drivers are not able to assist riders in or out of the vehicles. Drivers cannot enter homes or businesses to find riders.
  • All rides are round-trip unless requested otherwise. A driver will return for you, just please be patient. Return trips home are secondary in priority to trips to an appointment. You may be asked to ride with another individual.
  • All riders are required to wear a seatbelt, and no weapons of any kind are allowed in Project CAR vehicles.
  • Riders should remember that their drivers are volunteers and that the ride service is provided at no charge. Please be patient, courteous, and polite when interacting with drivers and office staff. Our work is a non-profit ministry of compassion and care to the Sioux Falls community
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