Mobility – Independence – Quality of Life

Project CAR (Call-A-Ride) is a coordinated, non-profit transportation system providing safe, efficient, and reliable rides for a diverse population with a variety of needs. They are persons who would otherwise be isolated because of a lack of transportation. Most importantly, we work to make a lasting contribution to the mobility, independence, and quality of life for people in our community.

Be a Donor

Project CAR relies on the generosity of individual donors to provide rides to persons in needs at no cost to the riders. Your qualified tax-deductible donation gives persons with needs such as senior citizens and those with health concerns greater quality of life.

Be a Driver

Volunteer drivers give their time to assist with morning or afternoon routes, as little or as often as they are willing. Drivers utilize our fleet of safe, reliable vehicles. All routes are planned in advance with dispatch assistance, so no guess work is required from drivers.

Make a Difference

In our time of increased social isolation and fear, you have the opportunity to work with Project CAR to help some of the most vulnerable in your community gain independence and a better quality of life. How will you work to make a difference in your world?