Do you know what sets us apart
from other ride share groups in Sioux Falls?

We are 100% not-for-profit,
which means that no one is making any money off the ride.

We own, operate, insure, and fuel our own cars,
so there’s never a doubt about safety.

We were founded by a group of churches and have been working with religious groups and community agencies in Sioux Falls since 1980 – that’s 42 years of experience! It’s a ministry for us, plain and simple.

Our volunteers LOVE what they do.
Some have even been with Project CAR for 25+ years!

We aren’t just a ride. We are a community of caring and support. Drivers and riders build relationships and encourage each other with stories and affirmation.

We are committed to enhancing the well-being of people in our community by providing transportation to those in need. Our mission is to be a coordinated, nonprofit transportation system providing safe, efficient, and reliable rides for a diverse population with a variety of needs. We are guided by values of compassion, reliability, efficiency, and respect.

We believe that our role is help ease the stress of persons struggling with transportation needs. We aren’t just logistics; we are peace of mind.

Be a Donor

Project CAR relies on the generosity of individual donors to provide rides to persons in needs at no cost to the riders. Your qualified tax-deductible donation gives persons with needs such as senior citizens and those with health concerns greater quality of life.

Be a Driver

Volunteer drivers give their time to assist with morning or afternoon routes, as little or as often as they are willing. Drivers utilize our fleet of safe, reliable vehicles. All routes are planned in advance with dispatch assistance, so no guess work is required from drivers.

Make a Difference

In our time of increased social isolation and fear, you have the opportunity to work with Project CAR to help some of the most vulnerable in your community gain independence and a better quality of life. How will you work to make a difference in your world?